Welcome to the Fox Company [FOX] gaming clan website!

Fox Company is a multi-console gaming clan. We began as Wii but many of us play PS3 and 360 too. all have a Wii, most have a PS3, and a few have XBOX. We play all of the popular online gaming titles and competitively play those where team tactics and strategy can be used.

FOX is backed by a great group of co-leaders core members that all originated from Bravo Company (BC) Wii clan. We are a very chill clan group of gamers, made up of a more mature crowd. We tend to play late nights 9pm-2am CST most weekdays, weekends vary. If you are a more mature gamer and would like to join us then please register on our forums and apply. Thank you for visiting!

We are currently open to new applicants. Please click on the forums button above, and fill out an application.

While playing CoD or CA, Fox Company members strap old walk-mans
to our legs and plays our theme song...